Turtle Bay Resort Ashley Kaase

Experiencing Hawai‘i through a Watercolor Lens with Local Artist Ashley Kaase

Ashley Kaase is an O‘ahu-based watercolor artist whose work will be featured in the Kawela Art Gallery beginning March 2 through June 30. In this Q&A session, we learn about Ashley’s growth as an artist in Hawai‘i and how she receives inspiration from the lush environment around her.

How does it feel to have your artwork featured in Turtle Bay’s Kawela Gallery?

Hawai‘i is so full of talented artists in all mediums. I feel honored to be a part of this community and to be able to showcase my work in this beautiful place. Hawai‘i was the first place that I began creating full time, and has become largely responsible for the botanical aspect seen in most of my art. I find endless inspiration here, and am honored to have Turtle Bay showcase work that is both meaningful to Native Hawaiians and travelers alike.

What inspired you to create the pieces that will be displayed in the Kawela Art Gallery?

In Hawai‘i, I can feel my imagination run wild in the botanical gardens and I find myself daydreaming in the sunshine. I feel peaceful and full of wonder, and I want my work to reflect the magic I see in the world. It is my deepest hope that through my work, people can see Hawai‘i the way I do. 

Though Ashley dabbles in other art mediums, she often finds herself coming back to watercolor when creating pieces about Hawai‘i. 

“Watercolor and Hawai‘i seem to intermingle in my head and pour out as this beautiful and organic reflection of how I feel and what life is like here. Living in Hawai‘i has helped me explore my own roots, and find meaning in my own history.” 

You can learn more about Ashley and catch a glimpse of her work at her website: ashleykaase.com/