North Shore EVP

North Shore EVP Plants Seeds of Knowledge at Laulima Gardens Workshop

We are pleased to highlight the amazing work of the North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership (North Shore EVP) not only because the non-profit is a Turtle Bay Foundation grant recipient, but also because its members care for their very own Laulima Gardens plot.

In January, North Shore EVP conducted a free workshop titled the “Nuts & Bolts of Food Safety” for fellow gardeners and farmers. Attendees walked away with a better understanding of food safety practices that allow them to distribute clean, local produce across our North Shore community. Gardeners also learned how to build a simple, inexpensive mobile hand-washing station that meets their operation’s needs for worker hygiene in the field.

The DIY Handwashing Station consists of an “Aquatainer” of potable water, drain bucket, soap, paper towels and a covered trash can. Eight hand-wash station kits, provided by the workshop partners at AgriLogic LLC, were raffled off to our lucky attendees.

“We love the opportunity to engage with people in the community who are passionate about agriculture,” said Kevin Kelly, North Shore EVP President. “Much of our work is focused on providing food safety training to farmers across the state, but understanding the principles of food safety is just as important to people growing food for their families and friends.”

The North Shore EVP continues to cultivate its garden plot by planting cover crop to reduce weeds and erosion and provide some additional nutrition to the soil.